Electrical power and heating

Combustion plants operate under extreme conditions in many types of corrosive environments, which can give rise to damage resulting in costly downtime. This applies to boilers which operate under extreme temperatures, off-gas systems with conditions that promote condensation corrosion, and the steam cycle, with its high temperatures and pressures.

Even district heating and cooling distribution systems are subject to the risk of exposure to corrosion. This may be due to wet exterior surfaces or microbial growth inside the system.

Swerea addresses problems related to corrosion and mechanics in both the low and high-temperature sections of heating systems.

Examples of our areas of expertise include:

  • corrosion under coatings insulation ? in superheaters
  • mechanical damage such as creep and fatigue, lifecycle assessment
  • condensation corrosion in exhaust gas channels and in connection with wet off-gas treatment
  • magnetite dissolution and deposition, conditioning agents and steam-side tension corrosionstress corrosion cracking
  • corrosion of polymeric material

For more information about materials science research in this area, see: High-temperature corrosion.

For companies that own, operate or build combustion plants, we also lead a "Corrosion network for combustion plants".

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