Construction and civil engineering

Virtually all buildings and structures contain metals, either as the main material or in structural elements, such as reinforcement in concrete. Here, metals have an important function as either loading-bearing or cosmetic components. Inappropriate materials, design/dimensioning errors and inadequate corrosion protection can have disastrous consequences in terms of both safety and economyas well as financially.

Swerea carries out failure analysis and research and development of metals for use in building construction and civil engineering. This includes structures, roads, bridges, tunnels, piping/pipe lines, climate control systems, harbours and more. Our focus areas are:

  • Road tunnels, bridge guard rails and other road infrastructure
  • Cathodic protection
  • Ground pipework, polymers and metals
  • Welding assessment of metals in structures
  • Inspections and damage analyses

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Bror Sederholm

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