Corrosion, with its inherent cost and negative impact on vehicle service life, has plagued Swedish car owners for as long as cars have been on the roads. This is largely due to the climate, with high humidity and the use of salt on winter roads. We have longstanding experience of research concerning automotive corrosion.

Swerea KIMAB began working with vehicle corrosion issues in the early 1970s. Over the years we have learned much about factors affecting the vehicle industry and research surrounding corrosion. In addition, we collaborate closely with vehicle manufacturers, material suppliers, and suppliers of corrosion protection products.

Corrosion inspection and status

We work with inspection of cars that have been in service in the field, test vehicles that have been subjected to proving-ground tests and vehicle components that have undergone accelerated corrosion testing. We visit car factories and assist, in a production setting, with assessment of design and manufacturing methods from a corrosion point of view.

Industry projects

We participate in international projects, EU projects and national projects. Most of these projects are funded by the vehicle industry. Some of the projects deal with issues that are relevant for the entire automotive industry. One example is our "World-wide project", where the corrosivity of various materials used in the vehicle industry is tested throughout the world. In this type of project the results are confidential and are owned by the participating companies.

We also conduct large-scale projects on a consultancy basis to test, expose or study materials. Naturally, the results are confidential and are owned by the clients.

Regularly held international seminar

Every third year we arrange the MRC Automotive members' programme, an international seminar on corrosion in the vehicle industry. This event attracts industry participants from around the world.

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Fact Sheet: Automotive corrosion (Research and development, field surveys, life prediction and material selection, etc.

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