corrosion in concrete

Corrosion in concrete

Corrosion of metal structures in concrete depends on the composition and character of the concrete. Important in this context is the porosity, that the concrete is free of cracks and that the metal is covered with an adequate layer of concrete. The required thickness of the concrete is dependent on the corrosivity of the ambient environment.

Steel surfaces in contact with concrete (pH 12-13) have a protective passive film, which can be damaged if the concrete is carbonated via a reaction with carbon dioxide, if chlorides are introduced during casting or if the concrete is exposed to chlorides from deicing salts or seawater.

We is working on several large research and development projects concerning corrosion and corrosion protection in reinforcement steel in concrete. One project deals with the corrosion properties of stainless steel in concrete with high moisture and chloride content. Another project concerns cathodic protection of concrete structures with thermally sprayed sacrificial zinc anodes. Yet another project has to do with corrosion and corrosion protection of cement-grouted rock bolts in underground installations.

We also offer testing in special exposure stations.

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