Atmospheric corrosion

Atmospheric corrosion occurs within the Earth's atmosphere at normal temperatures, outdoors or indoors. Corrosion depends on the presence and amount of humidity and pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and chlorides.

In research and development concerning new materials and products intended for use in Construction & Civil Engineering and Vehicles it is essential to study how the material/product will perform in the environment for which it is intended. Here, Swerea can provide a large number of accelerated tests in salt spray and climate chambers. Cyclical testing is carried out in the climate chambers using varying temperature and relative air humidity, with or without corrosive gases.  We can also test the corrosion resistance of your material or product at one of our field stations.

Swerea has for many years worked extensively with exposure of various metals in different environments, which has enabled classification of atmospheric corrosivity in the standards SS-ISO 9223 and SS-EN ISO 12944-2. With the aid of our database, it is possible to estimate corrosivity in different parts of the world. More information: Korrfield.pdf (257.03 KB).

We also assist with corrosion testing under field conditions adapted to the customer's requirements with respect to location and type of material, both indoors and outdoors, so-called corrosivity assessment.

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