Organic coatings

Metallic surfaces can be coated with paints or enamels with the capacity to inhibit corrosive attack. For corrosion protection it is important that the coating is dense, durable and adheres well to the metal surface. Often, several coating layers are applied to achieve optimal durability and protective capacity.

Our activities focus mainly on environmentally adapted surface-coating systems and the new requirements for surface pretreatment and application conditions posed by them. In addition to conventional equipment for inspection and testing of protective capacity of organic coatings, we also use AC Impedance (or Impedance Spectroscopy) to investigate water absorption/transportation in coatings. In studies of surface hardening, degradation, etc., we use techniques including dynamic scanning calorimetry, grazing-angle FTI and scanning electron microscopy.

We can assist with procurement, design, selection of coating systems, inspection, maintenance planning and failure analysis.  We can assess the protective capacity and degradation of metal coatings at our  Field stations and via PDF iconAccelerated corrosion tests in our climate chambers.

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Johan Tidblad

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