Corrosion is costly for society. In 2008 corrosion cost Sweden an estimated 100 billion Swedish kronor (~4% of GNP). This includes costs for corrosion prevention, repair of damage due to corrosion and consequences of corrosion such as environmental damage, downtime and losses in production, and accidents. Corrosion also has major environmental implications.

A more corrosion-resistant material, with an extended lifecycle, can considerably reduce the environmental load of structures. Conversely, using the wrong material in the wrong environment results in negative environmental impact. This may lead to serious consequences for the environment due to structural failures in, e.g. oil cisterns, off-shore facilities and nuclear power plants.

With more than 50 years of experience in corrosion, Swerea KIMAB conducts research and development in the field of corrosion. We help companies to make the optimal material choices and prevent corrosion, and we do failure analysis and corrosion testing.

Under the auspices of SIS, the Swedish Standards Institute, we are responsible for much of the Swedish standardisation work within the field of corrosion and rust protection coatings, and we chair ISO's corrosion committee, ISO/TC 156, Corrosion of Metals and Alloys.

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