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Postal address

Swerea AB
P.O. Box 7047
SE-164 07 Kista

VAT No. SE556664222801

Delivery and visiting address

Swerea AB
Isafjordsgatan 28A
SE-164 40 Kista
Telephone  +46 (0)8-440 45 00
E-mail info [at]

Contact persons

Göran Carlsson

Group CEO & Director Swerea AB
goran.carlsson [at]
Telephone +46 (0)8-440 45 01

Per Södergren
Per Södergren

per.sodergren [at]
Telephone +46 (0)8-440 45 04

Elis Carlström
Elis Carlström
elis.carlstrom [at]
Telephone:+46(0)31-706 61 44

Christina  Åkerlind
Christina Åkerlind

Executive Secretary
christina.akerlind [at]
Telephone +46 (0)8-440 45 03

Britta Bolin, personaldirektör
Britta Bolin
HR Director
britta.bolin [at]
Telephone:+46(0)8-440 45 02

Elin Hagström
Elin Hagström

Professional Communicator
elin.hagstrom [at]
Telephone +46 (0)8-440 45 11

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