Research for innovation and development

RISE Materials and production is a part of the Swedish research institute RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

RISE division Materials and Production supports innovation and development by new designs, materials, optimised manufacturing methods and corrosion protection.

Our expertise and test facilities can be utilised to improve the performance and reliability of products and to create improved production methods throughout the entire value chain. We strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of Swedish industry and inspire and coach the introduction of digitalisation, sustainability and circular business models.

Organisational structure

RISE division Materials and Production includes RISE IVF, RISE SWECAST, RISE SICOMP and RISE KIMAB.

We have facilities in Stockholm, Jönköping, Mölndal, Piteå, Eskilstuna, Linköping Trollhättan, Olofström, Oslo and in St:Étienne and Brest in France.

Ownership structure

From October 1, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden is the owner of the companies Swerea IVF, Swerea SICOMP, Swerea SWECAST and Swerea KIMAB (the corrosion area). These companies make up the RISE division Materials and Production and has subsequently changed name to RISE IVF, RISE SICOMP, RISE SWECAST and RISE KIMAB, with exception for legal circumstances.  

MEFOS and the remaining part of Swerea KIMAB has launched a new research institute, Swerim, with a focus on mining, mineral, steel and metal research, partly owned by RISE.