A world-class research group

Swerea is a Swedish research group for industrial renewal and sustainable development. Our task is to produce, develop and disseminate research results in the following areas:

  • Materials sciences
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Product engineering

With a regional, national and international presence, Swerea is a central part of the Swedish innovation system. Interaction with academia, industry and society is fundamental to the group's operations.

We work with applied research to give industry competitive advantage, greater innovativeness and profitability in a sustainable society.


Swerea is the leading research group for industrial renewal and sustainable development.

Organisational structure

Swerea consists of five wholy owned research institutes: Swerea IVF, Swerea KIMAB, Swerea MEFOS, Swerea SWECAST and Swerea SICOMP.

We have offices in Stockholm, Jönköping, Luleå, Mölndal, Piteå, Eskilstuna, Linköping, Trollhättan and Olofström. Swerea also operates in Oslo in Norway and in St:Étienne and Brest in France. 

Ownership structure

Swerea AB is owned jointly by the Swedish state and Swedish industry. The Swedish state owns 42,8% of Swerea via RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden AB. The remaining shares are held by the owner associations:

  • Stiftelsen Svensk Järn- och Metallforskning (19,8%)
  • Swerea IVF:s intressentförening (Swerea IVF's industry group) (11,8%)
  • MEFOR − Metallurgiska Forskningsbolaget i Luleå AB (11,2%)
  • Svenska Gjuteriföreningen (Swedish Foundry Association) (8,2%)
  • Intressentföreningen för korrosionsforskning (Interest Association for Corrosion Research) (6,2%)