CSR and Sustainability

Assuming responsibility for people and the environment is central to everything Swerea does and stands for. We research, develop and innovate for sustainable development and competitiveness.

Efficient use of resources is a key aspect of most of Swerea's research and commissioned R&D work. Research and development are driven by our co-workers in collaboration with our customers.

Society and environment

All of our projects address challenges that are related to a system; a lifecycle from raw material to product, use and end-of-life management. We help companies to get the most out of both energy and materials. Our collective expertise gives us a uniquely broad view, even when approaching issues of a seemingly insular nature.

Swerea has internal processes for supporting sustainability in the planning stages of projects. When we work with project ideas and project funding applications this entails analysis of sustainability aspects in order to realize the full the impact of research on sustainability. We compare the expected sustainability impact that will accrue from the project with the sustainability impact of technology currently in use.


Our co-workers are our most valuable asset. Competencies are developed via project work and courses, and interaction is an integral part of our working method. This creates greater customer benefit, but it also contributes to greater job satisfaction and personal development for our co-workers.

We place great value on feedback from our co-workers, via both personal development dialogues and employee questionnaire surveys.

Equality and diversity

While Swerea has deep roots in Swedish industry, we are active in an international research environment. This is reflected in our operations.

Swerea is an attractive employer and our approach to recruitment ensures a high level of expertise and innovativeness. When we hire new people, we try to foster diversity and a balance between the numbers of men and women employed in the group, co-workers from many different countries and a good age structure.

Differences in terms of experience and perspectives enhance our innovativeness and creativity. For Swerea, this is also a way of pursuing sustainable development in-house.