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Producers of chemicals and alternative solutions
Chemical producers will offer material to be tested, adaption of materials in order to meet functional criteria, and in depth knowledge of testing. Their expertise in compatibility between chemical products in formulation and compatibility between different consecutive chemical treatments of materials will be invaluable.

Manufacturers of products using PFAS or alternatives, B2B
In the value chain, these actors are active users of the chemical products or other alternative solutions in production. Hence, a close dialogue on use and properties in their process as well as supply of proper materials to be tested will be important tasks for these companies.

Manufacturers of consumer products
To secure function of the end product (professional user or private consumer) properties of the alternative products have to be tested thoroughly. The ultimate goal is to produce prototypes. Thus, both lab tests and field test can be applied.

An important part in substitution is to have a market pull. In some of the sectors the awareness is quite high, in other sectors the pull is not yet their why consumer behaviour and awareness is of importance. Communication work will therefore be included in the project via actors representing NGOs, consumers and others that can influence and create public knowledge.