The Industrial Ceramics Research Association is a network for companies that manufacture, sell or use ceramic materials, components or raw materials and wish to influence Swerea research within the area.

The association conducts research through joint member projects which are carried out by the ceramics group. Member companies decide on the project direction, scope and length. The projects are presented at member meetings which are held once or twice a year. At these meetings continued activity in ongoing projects is planned as well as decisions on whether to discontinue projects or start new ones. Presented information is available to the companies via member pages.

The majority of the available funding is used for projects with experimental activities and a smaller part is used for strategic intelligence.


Today the association has around 15 member companies. The membership includes a number of benefits including:  

  • being able to actively participate in and affect the research on ceramics through Member projects.
  • having the right to non-exclusive licenses to patents from Member projects (applicable to inventions that are made during the time a company is a member of the Industrial Ceramic Research Association)
  • getting access to competitive intelligence in specific areas.
  • getting access to results from other research funded by public means.
  • getting access to published material through the Membership pages.
  • having the possibility of ordering work at cost. Commissions are handled with confidentiality.
  • getting a 10 % discount on courses and seminars that are organized by the Ceramics group.


The membership fee is connected to the size of the company and varies from SEK 17 500 to SEK 65 000. The amount is set yearly during the annual meeting which is held in connection to a member meeting. A company can purchase one or more shares.

Apply for membership

Read more and apply for membership by downloading our Membership Invitation Brochure