The sheet metal forum is intended for sheet metal manufacturers who want to have an exchange with other companies and researchers, want to know what is happening in Sweden and internationally and want to be able to influence Swerea's research on sheet metal forming.

The sheet metal forum is a network of companies in the sheet metal industry. It provides the opportunity to meet others working in the industry, both from other companies and researchers. Our newsletter and Noterat Utifrån, our environment update, allows you to stay updated on what is happening in the sheet metal world. We organise conferences, seminars, study visits and joint research projects for our members.

New for 2010 is that all of our members can access Swerea's publications on sheet metal via the sheet metal forum website.

The sheet metal forum was established in 1991 by Swerea IVF and now has 240 members at 70 companies. Apart from Sweden - Denmark, Norway and Finland are also represented. As a member of the sheet metal forum you are part of a network for the sheet metal industry. 

Membership includes:

  • Access to an Internet-based network
  • Invitations to member meetings and study trips
  • A newsletter published quarterly containing:
    - continuous monitoring of specialist literary journals, conferences and trade fairs on the subject
    - summaries and information on Swerea IVF's research projects in the field
    -  information on conferences, trade fairs and courses as well as invitations to participate in R&D project
  • Invitations to and discounts on seminars and courses


SEK 5 300 for up to four people per company and location. An additional ten people who only have access to the website (no paper mailings) can also be included.


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