Compraser Labs is a national centre for research and development of production processes and systems for composite-based products. The network is run by Swerea SICOMP and Swerea IVF as a membership programme.

Composite manufacturing centre

All businesses and organizations that have an interest in composite manufacturing have the opportunity to apply for membership. Members must be operational in Sweden and have a Swedish company registration number.

Members have access to a comprehensive development resource where national synergies are utilized and maximized by:

  • Focusing on the businesses’ need of development
  • Creating and implementing projects with shared and public financing
  • Specialization and expertise within the composite manufacturing area
  • Cross industry platform
  • Business intelligence and information on international development trends
  • Competence development by attending courses and seminars

The objectives of the membership programme:

  • Reduce production costs
  • Reduce industrialization costs
  • Increase the process stability and capability
  • Reduce the environmental impact
  • Create a good working Environment

Learn more about our membership programme on (in swedish) or contact us.