Swerea IVF runs R&D activities related to textile materials and products comfort properties. The product groups focused on usually includes clothing, furniture and various leisure items. We can offer measurements of comfort related properties as well as taking part in the product development.

The area of comfort can be divided into mechanical and physical comfort and our activities cover both. For clothes, mechanical comfort means the garment's tactile properties, while for beds and chairs it is their ability to distribute the pressure against the skin to minimize the maximum pressure. Physical comfort includes the moisture and heat transport properties of the products.

Comfort laboratory

Our comfort laboratory provides access to a wide range of measuring equipment with which we can determine the most appropriate comfort-related properties of clothing, furniture and leisure goods, both on a material and product level.

Below is a selection of the properties that we can investigate:

  • Water vapour and thermal resistance – measured for materials with skin models according to EN 31092.
  • Thermal resistance – measured using a tog meter according to ISO 50851.
  • Pressure distribution – measured on products and materials with various indenting bodies and pressure sensor mats according to SS 876 00 13
  • Moisture transport – measured for seating and reclining furniture with sweating indenting bodies.
  • Isolation capacity – can be measured for garments, garment systems, sleeping bags, etc. according to EN ISO 15831
  • Tactile properties – skin-tight clothing materials are measured with equipment according to Kawabata.

We also provide the opportunities to develop special measuring methods for customers' specific needs. We can also provide measurements with the help of volunteers. This can be preferable in some cases as the test conditions can be made more realistic. In these tests there is also the possibility of subjective ratings from the volunteers.

With our extensive experience of how different types of materials and products work in different comfort contexts we can act as advisors in the development or modification of various products.


Valter Dejke

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