Molecular Solar Cells

Molecular solar cells, also called Grätzel cells are an electrochemical solar cell technology based on nanochrystalline working electrodes. The technique can be attributed to Professor Michael Grätzel's work at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. Swerea IVF was an early actor in the area and has over 10 years experience of the technique.

Swerea IVF's activities in the area of molecular solar cells focus on the development of material, manufacturing processes, ramp up and reliability testing for prototypes. The main driving force for developing this solar cell technology is the comparatively low manufacturing costs in combination with low material costs. This allows for low investment costs to initiate production and a low production cost. In Sweden, we are working with KTH and Uppsala University on the molecular solar cells project, which is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency. In addition, we are contributing to the EU-financed project ROBUST DSC along with EPFL (Switzerland), the Fraunhofer Institute (Germany), ECN (the Netherlands), G24i (Wales), 3GSolar (Israel), Corning (France), Imperial College (England), University of Madrid (Spain), and ICIQ (Spain).

Selected articles

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