Third party verification of environmental product declarations

Environmental declarations according to ISO 14025 must be verified by an independent party. Swerea IVF can carry out this type of third party verification within the framework of the International EPD® system.

To make an environmental product declaration or a climate declaration within the framework of the EPD® system you need:

1) A life cycle assessment of the product
2) Product category rules for the product indicating how the life cycle assessment must be done. These must be agreed within the industry and approved by the Technical Committee for the EPD® system.
3) The environmental product declaration or the climate declaration.

The requirement for product category rules can be sidestepped for a year by using so-called pre-certification. Third party verification covers the life cycle assessment and declaration and in most cases requires a site visit. Verified declarations are normally valid for three years and can be registered in the International EPD® system.

Swerea IVF can also help you with the life cycle assessment, product category rules and the actual declaration, but we can then not carry out the third party verification as well.

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