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From idea to product

Do you want to know more about us and what we can do for you, watch our movie, 
"From idea to functional and secure product" (3.5 min)

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Welcome to Swerea IVF

Swerea IVF offers advanced R&D and consulting services to the manufacturing and engineering industry. Our goal is the rapid introduction of new technologies and methods to practical use in our customers' operations. Our customers include industrial companies as well as public institutions, that turn to us to develop their future resource efficient products and processes.

Swerea IVF is part of the Swerea Group, a Swedish industrial research group that encompasses Sweden's industrial research institutes within the fields of materials, process, product and production technology.

Swerea IVF 50th anniversary

Swerea IVF celebrates its 50th anniversary. Since 1964 the company has delivered technologic developments and implemented new techniques together with the Swedish industry. Read article.

Future choice of profession– new norms


What is required in order to inspire young people to choose the kind of education and professions that the industry needs? In the project ”Profession nudge” there are plans to develop collaboration t...